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AlbanyJCC-heatpump3Outdoor Heat Pump installation 

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“We knew we could save money if we didn't need to run the boiler year round and we wanted to take advantage of technoogy that complements our existing cogeneration equipment.”

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High Efficiency Hot Water Heater/Heat Pump

Heating water for industrial and commercial applications is one of the biggest drains on your energy budget. While there are various systems to provide hot water to your facility, many of them are not very efficient and will provide little relief to your bottom line. Specialized efficient boilers, hot water heaters and heat pumps are a proven solution to provide reduced energy costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.  

The high efficiency heat pump system we deploy uses a combination of technologies designed to boost efficiency, save money, and reduce environmental impact. Comprised of a natural gas fueled hot water heater, our heat pump systems combine traditional boiler technology with the power of the heat pump to make a dramatic leap in heating efficiency.  This clean technology equipment extracts thermal energy from the atmosphere and uses a cutting edge natural gas fueled engine to “pump” this heat to useful temperatures.  The synergy of advanced heat pump and engine technology results in twice the efficiency of a gas fired boiler.  For locations with substantial hot water requirements the cost savings and environmental impact is significant.

Heat Pump Features and Benefits

  • 400,000 to 600,000 BTU/hr of hot water ideal for domestic hot water, swimming pools, space heating, and process heat
  • Hot water delivery temperature 100°F to 160°F
  • Advanced thermodynamic cycle extracts available energy from the environment, and uses mechanical work from a natural gas engine to pump this heat to a higher useful temperature
  • Highly efficient heat pump with reclaimed engine waste heat resulting in a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 2.2
  • Exceeds clean emission standards throughout the US, including California
  • Reduced carbon footprint with 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, saving 100 tons of carbon at typical installations
  • Minimal electrical power requirement comparable to a household appliance (120 VAC, 15 amp service)

Also available, a water-source high-efficiency water heater that produces hot and chilled water simultaneously.  Contact us for more information or a free site assessment.