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CHP installation in process

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“From an operations standpoint, the system is utterly forgettable.  It does its thing and we don't have to think about it.”

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Hassle-Free Installation & Service Solutions

Developing projects that utilize natural gas engine-driven systems such as combined heat and power, heat pump, and chiller cooling systems are significantly different from conventional boiler or chiller installations. Combining engine-driven systems with other energy-efficient technologies to produce an integrated energy efficient project is a challenge better left to a company with the know-how and experience to get it done right.  

The Basics

American DG Energy offers custom services to get combined heat and power (CHP), heat pump, boiler, and chiller systems installed at your location. These services include evaluation and design services, custom engineering services and turnkey project management services. Our highly trained staff, technical competency and extensive experience with scheduling and organization of such elaborate projects, ensures a smooth installation process.  Since we own these same energy systems under our On-Site UtilityTM energy solution, we have a very unique perspective of how to install and operate the systems. We think like you, the owner.

Our professional construction staff will work with you to develop both the scope and scheduling of your project.  We will coordinate all of the logistics, labor and permitting so that you can stay focused on your core business.

Custom Engineering Services

Custom Engineering Services cover everything from the preliminary consultation and site review to the submission and approval of utility interconnect filings and everything in between. American DG Energy’s engineers are competent, qualified and experienced in the detailed design and application of high-efficiency natural gas engine products as well as other energy efficient electrical and mechanical technologies.

On-Site Energy System Management

We can help you maintain your systems allowing you to meet “proof of concept” requirements necessary for state incentive funds.  As an owner of many on-site energy systems ourselves, we are the on-site energy system experts. We have the know-how and practicality to design and install systems for optimum performance and the experience to operate systems at peak efficiency.

Maintenance and Performance Optimization

Mechanical systems such as engine-driven equipment require dedicated technicians experienced with the technology. We provide the maintenance, service and factory authorized parts to keep your energy systems running. Scheduled maintenance and emergency services are all available.

We also feature the only industry Performance Optimization program designed to maximize your savings and comfort and know what it takes to get the most out of the systems. With our Performance Optimization program, every energy system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are continuously tuning and adjusting each system parameter to optimize operations and, most of all, maximize savings. Each economic driver is measured and acted upon as required. This is more than maintenance; this is active, real-time management.

Our Turnkey Installation and Operations Package includes:

  • Preliminary consultation and site review
  • Site evaluation, energy audit and economic analysis
  • Comprehensive project management and scheduling
  • Site design and engineering
  • Energy equipment selection and purchasing
  • Submission and approval of all necessary permits and with government
  • Submission and approval of utility interconnect filing
  • Complete installation, including all mechanical and electrical work
  • Site demolition and clean-up
  • System start-up
  • Completion and delivery of submission documents
  • Full maintenance and service
  • Performance maximization programs
  • Financing

Contact us to learn more about our installation and service packages for combined heat and power (CHP), heat pump, boiler and chiller systems.