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Indoor CHP system installation

Read the "Doral Arrowwood" case study to learn how On-Site UtilityTM helped a resort and conference center reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

See the On-Site Utility data sheet to learn more. 

View our Greenhouse Gas Reduction Certificate from the EPA.

“As a non-profit organization with limited resources of revenue, we are open to all options for reducing operating costs.  I was already familiar with cogeneration.  Once I learned the specifics, selecting American DG Energy's On-Site Utility energy solution was one of the easiest executive decisions I’ve ever made.”

President and CEO
Nursing & Rehabilitation Facility

On-Site Utility – Zero Capital – Zero Risk

On-Site UtilityTM solutions, by American DG Energy, is an effective energy option for facilities who want to reduce costs, conserve capital, and improve net income. The energy produced from a combined heat and power (CHP) system, chiller, boiler or heat pump is sold to the property as an alternative to the outright sale of energy equipment. You only pay for the energy produced by the system and receive a guaranteed discount rate on the price of the energy.  All system capital, installation, operating expenses, and support are paid for and handled by us. A highly efficient On-Site UtilityTM typically provides energy savings of 5 to 20 percent off the rate charged by your current energy providers.

Cost/Energy saving benefits of On-Site UtilityTM Solutions

  • No capital – we pay for all system costs – engineering, equipment, installation
  • Off balance sheet – you get new equipment without impacting your finances
  • Lower energy costs – your energy costs are discounted below your local utility rate
  • 24/7/365 monitoring – we monitor your system remotely to ensure maximum efficiency
  • No operating/maintenance costs – we pay for fuel and provide all of the maintenance
  • Increased net income – energy savings go straight to the bottom line
  • Immediate improvement of cash flow – cash is available for other projects or to boost your budget.

A risk-free alternative to purchasing capital equipment. We own, install, and operate – at our own cost – highly efficient energy systems at our customer’s properties. Our experienced team of energy system specialists take full responsibility every step of the way. There’s no need for new personnel or training, which translates into greater savings and building comfort for our customers. Each installation is tailored to the specific requirements of our customer.

Is On-Site UtilityTM right for you?  Contact us today.  There is no obligation and the site assessment is free.

When you are ready to proceed with your energy projects, our staff will work with you to develop the scope and schedule of your project.  We will coordinate all of the logistics, labor, and permitting allowing you to focus on the core of your business.